Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard displays are an ideal way to display hundreds of products in a small area at eye level without taking up large amounts of valuable floor area. The versatility of pegboard displays means it is used not only for the widely seen bagged sweets and packets of nuts & bolts, it is ideal for both small products which get “lost” on shelves such as batteries, and large products which take up a lot of shelf space or do not lend themselves to be on shelves such as car mats as well. Products can be changed around continually, encouraging impulse buys and promoting special offers.

Pegboard Types:

Perforated hardboard is made of wood fibres and is normally treated to improve water resistance and strength. Hardboard will tend to bend and warp with age and exposure to moisture, and will sag under heavy weight (the exact weight is based on the dimensions and quality of the hardboard) unless secured to even weight distribution among several mounting points.

Perforated wood is more expensive to manufacture and can warp and splinter under heavy loads, but is sometimes selected for aesthetic reasons. An inexpensive wood such as pine is often used, and it may be chemically treated for strength and fire retardant characteristics.

Metal pegboard systems are usually made out of steel. Metal pegboards are usually mounted in strips, as it would be comparatively costly, cumbersome and inefficient to sell in larger sheets. Sufficiently thick metal pegboards will not sag between mounting points. High quality metal pegboard systems use extruded holes, while other systems have the holes drilled after casting.

Pegboard Hole Patterns

Evenly spaced hole patterns are the most common type with common hole spacing of 25mm
Repeating Patterns are more common with metal pegboard, the use of a repeating pattern provides a range of hole spacing, A common configuration among European systems is a row of 15mm spaced holes, alternating with a row of 25mm spaced holes, this means that 15mm, 25mm and 30mm spaced peghooks can be used on the pegboard.

Pegboard Hook Types

There are essentially two common types of pegboard hook, the single prong hook and the looped or Euro hook.

Single Prong Peg Hooks – The single prong hook as illustrated is the simplest type of hook, it is used less due to potential safety concerns and is often fitted with a plastic safety cover on the end. The other main disadvantage of the single prong hook is the difficulty in displaying pricing information on the hook itself, this is less of an issue where the product is already price labeled or in a pound shop for instance where all products may be the same price.

Euro (looped) Peg Hooks – Euro hooks have the advantage of better safety and they also allow a swinging price tag to be added to the end of the hook. The cheapest type of euro hook is the type similar to a pair of tongs which do not have a fixed bridge, these are fine for light duty applications. For medium and heavy duty applications the bridged type of peghook is used, these are probably the most widely used type.

Direct Entry Peg Hooks - are a variation on the bridged hook and are particularly useful for large displays where moving product around the display is common, unlike the regular pegboard hooks the end of the hook does not need to be lifted to locate or remove the hook from the pegboard, this means that any hooks containing product above do not need to be moved and the hooks above that etc etc.

Overhead Epos Peg Hooks - can be either bridged hooks or direct entry hooks, but have another prong above the hanging product, this bar can take a pricing tag relating to the product below.

Peg Hook Strength

The strength of peg hooks is dependent on the gauge of the steel used and more precisely the cross sectional area of the hook. As the cross section area is related to the square of the radius, a small increase in steel gauge can have a dramatic increase in the cross sectional area. For example 4.8mm gauge wire has nearly double the cross section area of a 3.4mm wire. spacing between hooks can be varied according to size of merchandise ease of use, especially direct entry size of hooks also go from very small to really big depending on requirements.

Where can I buy Peg Hooks in the UK?

We recommend the shelving megastore for pegboard hooks as this website offers a large selection of peg hooks for metal pegboard at low prices, also they can source a wide variety of specialised hooks and bespoke hooks too.